Dexa Group - Quality Assurance Policy

At Dexa Group we aim to continuously meet and exceed client expectations, whilst enhancing our position as a premium provider of security & protection, facilities management and traffic management services.

We achieve these goals by working as a team to clearly understand each client’s specific requirements and then endeavouring to provide an integrated service of the highest quality standards. To consistently deliver a quality of service that guarantees customer satisfaction, Dexa Group will:

  • Ensure that our workforce are competent and experienced in the performance of their roles, and provide them with the further training and support necessary;
  • Comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirement, and other requirements that are placed on us, or to which we subscribe;
  • Establish a framework for setting clear and achievable objectives and targets designed to improve client service and satisfaction;
  • Take actions to continually improve our quality management system practices;
  • Ensure that our people embrace this Policy and strive towards developing a culture of excellence;
  • Achieve and maintain a certified Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

As an organisation, Dexa Group supports this Policy by demonstrating commitment, cooperation and leadership through our senior officers and management, allocating necessary resources to meet objectives, and continually evolve our quality management system processes. By working together, we ensure the quality of our services, and contribute to the growth and success of Dexa Group in the marketplace and our industry.

Version: 1.0 Effective 7 January 2020