Staff Training - Dexa Group

Dexa Group provides its staff with the opportunity to further their careers through accredited training courses. Dexa are proud to give our employees access to these opportunities at no cost to the individuals. We believe in helping our staff to realize their potential and grow as individuals. Further to this we believe in providing pathways for staff to upskill and advance their careers. We are advocates of promotion internally and externally to our business with many of our staff not only finding more senior roles within Dexa Group but also being employed by our clients in managerial roles.

Dexa are not bound to specific courses or accreditations, rather we look to see what skill set will benefit our staff and clients and seek out a learning solution that works for them. We actively partner with two accredited training organizations who can customize accredited training packages to suit the needs of our clients and staff. This type of adaptability means we often have employees of our clients organizations also joining these courses given their specific relevance to the organization. This represents mutual benefit for both our employee and our clients.

Various Dexa Group managers are also fully accredited trainers who can also work with you to deliver internal training packages if required. Ask us how we can provide a training solution that works for you.