Excellence in customer service is our core competency, with our bespoke Concierge solutions ensuring that the right people are selected for each role.

First, we engage with each client to develop a true understanding of your brand.
Stakeholders are then involved in the staff selection process. Further company-specific
training ensures that your company values are represented by our helpful, professional staff.

Our Concierge services can be integrated as part of a holistic solution, including the option of security-licensed customer service personnel. This ensures that your customers feel both welcome and secure. Other service offerings include:

Manned Concierge Desks
Sustain high professional visibility and engagement at all times with available personnel to greet and assist customers.

Front-of-House Reception and Reception Duties
We provide enthusiastic, customer-focused talent for front-line service. Dexa Group standards of training ensures that our team can quickly integrate into your daily operations with ease.

Pop-up Stands for Special Events
When required, our team will undertake further training to make certain that key company information and promotions are being communicated, and event objectives are successfully met.

Roving Concierge Staff in Peak Periods
Dexa Group will take ownership over busy environments with a proactive and intuitive team.

Marketing and Brand Ambassadors
We engage with each of our clients to truly understand your brand. We then pass this wisdom on to our team so that they can accurately and proudly represent your company.

A True Service Partner and Extension of Your Team

Our network consists of a highly skilled and diverse concierge operatives, who are trained to be adaptable and carry out all kinds of daily operational tasks.

Our staff are always impeccably presented to exude professionalism. We also understand that company is different, and we offer a range of uniform styles to complement your desired brand aesthetic.

Mitigate Risk with Our Highly Skilled Force

Concierge staff are integral for customer satisfaction, but they also serve to monitor, manage and protect your premises. As part of our integrated approach to service, Dexa Group offers the option of security-licensed customer service personnel. We train our guards to handle a wide scope of security incidents and procedures, while also welcoming your customers in a professional manner.