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Theft, vandalism, and loitering occurs on construction sites more frequently than you’d expect.

The good news is, Dexa Group has the experience and security knowledge to mitigate your
exposure and can provide the construction site security and surveillance that you need.

Reduce your Vulnerability to Criminal Activity

Unfortunately, all construction sites are highly vulnerable to criminal activities that can hinder your
progress. If you don’t yet have a construction site security solution, below are a few reasons you
should consider working with Dexa Group.

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Why is Construction Site Security Essential?

Deter Theft

Construction sites are home to a variety of valuable and expensive equipment. Without security supervision, many of these tools become easy targets for thieves or opportunistic site workers. Our skilled security officers can oversee areas vulnerable to theft and provide an adequate deterrent.

Prevent Unauthorised Access

Are you having trouble keeping track of who goes in and out of your construction site? We can police multiple entrances and ensure that only authorised individuals have access to your property. This service is beneficial for health and safety reasons as well as loss prevention.

Ward Off Vandals

Unfortunately, construction sites are often the target of petty vandals. With our help, you can ward of vandals, preventing significant financial loss and keeping your project on track for success without inconvenient delays.

Ensure Safety

Not only do our construction officers keep your site secure, but they also provide employee safety. All our security officers are trained in First Aid and can attend to emergencies while waiting for help to arrive. We also employ experienced fire wardens who are adept in critical infrastructure and hazard monitoring.

Lower Operational Costs

Dexa Group reduces the overall risk of costly liabilities by mitigating emergencies, keeping your equipment secure, and deterring crime. We work closely with construction site managers to craft comprehensive safety strategies that aim to prevent you from filing insurance claims that ultimately lead to increased premiums.

Types of Construction Site Security

Roving Patrols

If you’re managing a sizeable location, our roving security ofcers can ensure that every square foot of your space is secure. Our quick-response ofcers provide immediate attention to help prevent further damage or injury in an emergency.

Control Room Operations

We also provide CCTV and control room solutions to keep a watchful eye on your property around the clock. If necessary, we can quickly escalate your concern to a mobile response unit or the authorities and provide recorded evidence in case of an incident.

Parking Management

When it comes to managing a construction site, parking and timely access can become a significant problem that can cause delays. As such, we employ licensed traffic controllers who can prevent traffic congestion and vehicle accidents to keep your construction project moving.

Asset Supervision

We understand that manning inventory for your construction site is not an easy job. Thus, we provide asset supervision, tracking, and management to ensure that everything is where it should be.

Dexa’s SHIELD methodology

The SHIELD methodology provides a recruitment, training and development framework for all Dexa personnel. It ensures only motivated staff are recruited, and that all are rigorously equipped to undertake the work required in a professional and reliable way.

This SHIELD is shared with you for full transparency and so that you always feel in control of the people representing and protecting your brand.

Dexa Group Home Testimonials Security ProactFM

“Dexa Group provide INTERSPORT Australia, part of the worlds largest sporting retail group, with retails guards, loss prevention officers (covert), concierge staff as well as providing risk assessments.

We have always found Dexa Group to have a can-do attitude and their personnel are always of the highest calibre. I would not hesitate to recommend Dexa Group to any business.”

- Francois, INTERSPORT Australia
Dexa Group Home Testimonials Security ProactFM

“I manage a large residential building on behalf of ProactFM Building Management which has been developed and built by Mirvac. We have used Dexa Group to provide security guards, concierge staff and perform risk assessment and assist with the initial move ins.

The quality of their guards and the work they perform is outstanding and we will not hesitate to utilise Dexa Group where possible as we increase our facilities management portfolio.”

- Anthony Cassaniti, ProactFM
Dexa Group Home Testimonials Security Guardian Vaults

“Dexa Group has been providing multiple services to Guardian Vaults for over 12 months. They have always been very professional to deal with and their personnel, whether it is risk assessors, security guards or concierge staff are always ready to go above and beyond. We are very happy with Dexa Group’s services.”

- Philippe Andre, Guardian Vaults

Secure Your Property With Our Construction Safety Solutions

At Dexa Group, we make it our responsibility to ensure the safety and security of
your site and construction workers. Thanks to our highly-trained Gold Standard
personnel, you can rest assured that we ofer the best and most reliable protection
for your construction site so you can focus on the business of building and

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