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Mobile security services are essential to keep your business protected. The right security provider can prevent vandalism, burglary, and injury. Dexa Group provides the Gold Standard in mobile patrol security service to protect your assets and people.

We are experienced in varied environments including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, shopping centres, corporate and residential commercial buildings.

Enhance Your Property Security with Our Mobile Patrol Services

We have provided security solutions for some of Australia’s biggest organisations. Our certified in-house mobile patrol guards provide the protection you need for around the clock peace of mind security and safety.

Give your business the Gold Standard in security, contact Dexa Group today.

Dexa Group Mobile Patrol Services

What is Mobile Patrol?

Mobile patrol services are an effective alternative to on-site security personnel. They entail skilful security officers driving from one location to the next conducting visual inspections and physical checks. Our sizeable fleet and network of partners can cover larger properties to offer Gold Standard protection tailored to your needs.

Expansive Security Coverage

You may not realise the differences between traditional security guards and roving patrols. However, the latter may serve a better advantage to your needs. Unlike traditional guards at a base site, our roving teams provide feasible security coverage for expansive properties.

Quick Response Time

Active mobile patrol allows for immediate response that can prevent further damage as quickly as possible. In case of a medical emergency, our first aid trained roving security can assist before additional help arrives.

Visual Deterrence

Not only does a mobile patrol enforce authority and professionalism, but it also deters instances of theft, vandalism, and break-ins. No matter the circumstances, you and your staff can feel safe throughout the day and night.

Enhanced Employee Safety

Our mobile patrol guards can be utilised as staff escorts that ensure your employees arrive at their intended destinations as safely as possible. They can also prevent any threats or hazards that arise spontaneously.


Unlike permanent security guards, mobile patrols are often budget-friendly. Beyond curating a cost-effective schedule that works for you, you will also reap the benefits of decreased liabilities from theft and other damage.

Why Choose Dexa Group for Your Security Needs?

Mobile patrols are nothing new in the security industry, but Dexa Group’s professional security solutions conducted in conjunction with our Gold Standard process are a step above the rest. If you are considering mobile patrol as a part of your security solution, here is why you should choose us.

Long-Term Partnerships

We understand that business challenges are ever-changing and we strive to provide custom long-term solutions for our clients. Solutions that provide clear benefits to the efficiency of your business.

Skilled Professionals

At Dexa Group, we never take shortcuts. Instead, we employ our SHIELD recruitment process to ensure that we provide the Gold Standard in security solutions. Our personnel are handpicked, skilled, highly motivated, and supervised by trained managers. They are also trained in emergency evacuation planning, fire safety, and First Aid.

Dexa’s SHIELD methodology

The SHIELD methodology provides a recruitment, training and development framework for all Dexa personnel. It ensures only motivated staff are recruited, and that all are rigorously equipped to undertake the work required in a professional and reliable way.

This SHIELD is shared with you for full transparency and so that you always feel in control of the people representing and protecting your brand.

Dexa Group Home Testimonials Security ProactFM

“Dexa Group provide INTERSPORT Australia, part of the worlds largest sporting retail group, with retails guards, loss prevention officers (covert), concierge staff as well as providing risk assessments.

We have always found Dexa Group to have a can-do attitude and their personnel are always of the highest calibre. I would not hesitate to recommend Dexa Group to any business.”

- Francois, INTERSPORT Australia
Dexa Group Home Testimonials Security ProactFM

“I manage a large residential building on behalf of ProactFM Building Management which has been developed and built by Mirvac. We have used Dexa Group to provide security guards, concierge staff and perform risk assessment and assist with the initial move ins.

The quality of their guards and the work they perform is outstanding and we will not hesitate to utilise Dexa Group where possible as we increase our facilities management portfolio.”

- Anthony Cassaniti, ProactFM
Dexa Group Home Testimonials Security Guardian Vaults

“Dexa Group has been providing multiple services to Guardian Vaults for over 12 months. They have always been very professional to deal with and their personnel, whether it is risk assessors, security guards or concierge staff are always ready to go above and beyond. We are very happy with Dexa Group’s services.”

- Philippe Andre, Guardian Vaults

Enhance Your Property Security with Our Mobile Patrol Services

Dexa Group has provided security solutions for some of Australia’s biggest companies.

Our certified in-house mobile patrol guards provide the protection you need for piece of mind security and safety.

Provide your business with the Gold Standard in security, contact us today.

Work with a partner you can trust with your property, people and reputation. Contact us now to explore a transparent, effective and measurable integrated solution for your business.

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