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The Dexa Group provides high-level private security for a range of clients. Private security services
are for people who want to limit their vulnerability and protect themselves from the unknown.

High-profile individuals are not the only ones who can benefit from highly-trained executive or
corporate security personnel.
If you have a safety concern that requires close personal protection, Dexa Group can provide
personalised effective gold standard solutions.

Do You Need A Private Security Guard?

There are many reasons you may need a private security team.
These reasons may be related to your income, association, location or public exposure. Below are a
few instances where you may benefit from a Dexa group safety and security expert.

Dexa Group Private Security Services include:

International Business Travel Security

If business travel is a necessary part of your operation, the safety of the traveller is paramount.
Having trained professional security company in your corner when you’re visiting troublesome areas
is imperative to keep you safe. and allow you to complete your mission without interruption or

Valuable Inventory Security

Transporting valuable inventory can make you an easy target for theft. Fortunately, our security
professionals can provide the protection you need in the following circumstances to ensure your

Cash in transit
Pharmaceutical products
Sensitive Government documents
Precious jewellery
Collectable items

Social Status Personal Security

Security is always a significant concern for high profile public figures.
A security detail provides the best protection against threats to your safety, and it also helps to project
a sense of power and authority. Popular social media entities are often the subject of various threats.
If you have a high social profile, having a personal bodyguard can help secure you and your family
from violent opposers.

Political Security

We all know security is necessary for people in the public eye, including members of parliament and
other government officials.
Security details are an excellent way to protect those who political enemies have targeted.
A security detail will follow and protect the individual wherever they go, and their presence will help
deter attackers and violators from making contact.
Dexa Group will keep elected officials safe from disgruntled constituents and help you avoid
dangerous encounters and unwanted media coverage.


Our body guards and security guards are trained to perform a wide variety of tasks, each to ensure
that you are kept safe from harm.
We work inside and outside of your home or office so you’re never left unprotected.
Our bodyguards and security officers undergo a meticulous vetting process to ensure you get the best
possible security personnel for your situation. Our team of security guards can can provide the
following skills:

Securing locations before you make a public appearance
Crowd management and event security
Performing background checks for new employees
Identifying suspicious behaviour
Handling firearms
Evasive driving

Home Security

Your home is vulnerable to theft and vandalism 24 hours a day.
Homeowners often forget that their homes are constantly at risk for both of these crimes. Our
residential private security services offer the following solutions:

Static guards
Mobile patrols
Remote video surveillance

How We Can Help

At Dexa Group, we understand that everyone’s needs are diferent.
As such, we ofer tailor-made solutions to provide you with the right type of security
personnel. Below are the diferent kinds of security services that we are able to deliver.

Dexa’s SHIELD methodology

The SHIELD methodology provides a recruitment, training and development framework for all Dexa personnel. It ensures only motivated staff are recruited, and that all are rigorously equipped to undertake the work required in a professional and reliable way.

This SHIELD is shared with you for full transparency and so that you always feel in control of the people representing and protecting your brand.

Dexa Group Home Testimonials Security ProactFM

“Dexa Group provide INTERSPORT Australia, part of the worlds largest sporting retail group, with retails guards, loss prevention officers (covert), concierge staff as well as providing risk assessments.

We have always found Dexa Group to have a can-do attitude and their personnel are always of the highest calibre. I would not hesitate to recommend Dexa Group to any business.”

- Francois, INTERSPORT Australia
Dexa Group Home Testimonials Security ProactFM

“I manage a large residential building on behalf of ProactFM Building Management which has been developed and built by Mirvac. We have used Dexa Group to provide security guards, concierge staff and perform risk assessment and assist with the initial move ins.

The quality of their guards and the work they perform is outstanding and we will not hesitate to utilise Dexa Group where possible as we increase our facilities management portfolio.”

- Anthony Cassaniti, ProactFM
Dexa Group Home Testimonials Security Guardian Vaults

“Dexa Group has been providing multiple services to Guardian Vaults for over 12 months. They have always been very professional to deal with and their personnel, whether it is risk assessors, security guards or concierge staff are always ready to go above and beyond. We are very happy with Dexa Group’s services.”

- Philippe Andre, Guardian Vaults

Dexa Group is a company that takes pride in its work and the gold standard services we
provide to protect our customers day and night.

Our goal is to keep you, your family, employees and your property safe and secure at all

If you find yourself under potentially unsafe circumstances and you need a robust private
security solution, contact Dexa Group to discuss your options.

Work with a partner you can trust with your property, people and reputation. Contact us now to explore a transparent, effective and measurable integrated solution for your business.

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