The ability to identify, monitor and
diminish risks is the cornerstone of all security activities.

An accurate and up to date risk assessment is imperative to protect your assets and your people. Dexa Group has a network of experienced risk assessors who will conduct a quantitative analysis to identify weaknesses in current emergency plans and procedures, underlying risks and opportunities for greater hazard reduction.

Our full circle service offering includes the reporting, the implementation of policy and procedures in line with identified risks. Detailed training by certified experts is available to close the loop in ensuring the success of treatments.

Why choose Dexa Group as your risk assessment provider?

Nationwide network of certified risk assessors
Our network of accredited risk specialists is spread across Australia. This allows us to deliver consistency in service excellence, no matter the location.

Customisable reporting based on client’s needs
Prior to any assessment, we will first work with you to understand your company and the specific areas of concern. The complexity of our reports will be tailored to your needs and resources.

We implement policy and procedures to fall in line with recommended treatments
This ensures that policy is truly aligned with the identified risks, which is fundamental to the success of all treatments.

Certified trainers and expert assessors available
Without a comprehensive understanding, people will not be able to act confidently. Dexa Group provides training in line with recommended treatments.

Full circle service provided by experts in their field
In the true spirit of partnership, Dexa will take proactive measures to ensure that your company is continuously operating at its best, through changes to the environment and regulations.

Equipped to handle specialised globalised protection

We have aligned with a global provider of risk solutions to offer a wider range of specialised services, including global corporate intelligence, cyber security and business resilience. This higher degree of specialisation is available for companies with an overseas footprint, or those vulnerable to increased levels of threat.