Dexa Group offers a full range of traffic control solutions nationally, whether it be for roadworks and construction projects, shopping centres, special events or emergency action.

No matter the purpose, we provide a full-scope, comprehensive service from planning to the supply of personnel. Our specialized team can assess the requirements of your job. Detailed risk assessments, planning and provisioning of required permits will ensure all work is carried out efficiently with minimal disruption to workers and commuters.

Our full managed services include:

Risk Assessment and Traffic Management Plans

Company-Wide Emphasis on Injury and Accident Prevention
See our Integrated Management System, a framework which is embedded with our values of safety, quality and people.

Fully Equipped
Provision of all equipment required to complete the job.

Supply of qualified personnel

Supervision by Dedicated Managers
Who are experienced in the field

Bespoke Service Options
The ability to adapt our services based on your needs and provide honest advice ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective solution is offered.

Fast Response for
Urgent Matters

Dexa Group is available on stand-by to assist with emergency tasks. Our comprehensive service includes management specialists, manpower and equipment, on-call and ready to act.

We mitigate risk with the option for accredited traffic controllers who have also undergone security training, and can attend to a comprehensive range of safety and traffic congestion incidents. This is a value-add service that we are proud to offer as part of our integrated approach.

Flexible & High Value

Our team can also offer competitive prices for bundled services. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your traffic control needs.